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5-part System


5-part System

5-part Diff System HumaCount 5L

Combining proven impedance detectors with modern laser technology HumaCount 5L allows for differentiating and counting of five types of WBCs together with an analysis of the red blood cells as well as platelets. HumaCount 5L is the first choice for medium to larger laboratories with sophisticated demands and high quality standards. It offers everything needed for a state-of-the-art and economic routine in high standard hematology laboratories.

  • 60 samples/hour
  • 26 parameters
  • Optional autosampler with barcode reader
  • Data storage for 100,000 samples incl. histograms, dot plots
  • STAT samples at any time
  • Optional 2D barcode for error-free upload of target values
  • Cost saving with only 3 reagents required
  • Additional flags for Large Immature Cells (LIC) and Atypical Lymphocytes (ALY)
  • Low sample volume with optional small sample module
  • HL7, LIS integration bi-directional


Autoprocessing of patient worklist – large walk-away capacity

  • Built-in mixer with cap piercer
  • Patient ID mapping via barcode reader
  • Automatic tube type alignment
  • Rejects open tubes
  • For all closed standard hematology tubes
  • Full scan, STAT samples and free list
  • Worklist for 100 samples, according to 100 rack positions

Just three dedicated reagents for HumaCount 5L guarantee accurate patient results. To complete the hematology analysis we offer a well matched control and calibrator to assure reliable quality.

Kit nameREFSize
HC5L Diluent16430/201 x 20 l
HC5L - Lyse CF
(Cyanide free reagent)
16430/301 x 5 l
HC5L - Diff16430/40 1 x 1 l
CD Diff Control
38382 x 3 x 3 ml
HC-Calibrator17400/50 1 x 2 ml
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