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HumaMeter Hbplus

REF 16070

HumaMeter Hbplus

MPortable system for the determination of hemoglobin

HumaMeter Hbplus follows a unique concept combining ease of use and flexibility in application. This compact analyzer provides results using the AHD cyanide free reference method without calibration – wherever the patient is. The reagent cuvettes and controls are extremely stable with a shelf life of three years.

  • 20 µl sample volume
  • Prefilled reagent cuvettes
  • Measuring range: 0.5-30 g/dl
  • Rechargeable batteries
Kit nameREFSize
Reagent Hb16070/1100 tests
Calibrator set Hb16070/26 x 1.5 ml
Control set Hb (2 Level)16070/32 x 1.5 ml
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variety of services

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Addition of the Sample with Capillary or Pipette

Results in 10 Secondsd


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