17 Association Avenue, off Obanikoro Bus Stop, ILupeju, Lagos. Nigeria.

Nature of Business

Our Services Includes :

  • Supply of High Quality Medical/Laboratory Equipment
  • Supply of Quality Medical reagents/Consumables
  • Installation, Maintenance/Repairs of Various Medical Equipment
  • Consultancy and Training Services

Our Products

Clinical Chemistry

Quality since more than 40 years

LOND offers a broad range of routine and specialty tests in a variety of package concepts to serve the needs of modern and state of the art laboratories all over the world with performance and quality made in Germany.

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Point of Care Diagnostics

Fast and reliable results for immediate decisions

LOND's point-of-care systems offer rapid results and ease of use in conjunction with high accuracy and precision. The HumaSens multi parameter systems provide measurement of total cholesterol (TC), uric acid (UA) and glucose (GLU) with unprecedented speed, resulting in an efficient lab-in-your-palm for essential risk markers.

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Vital Diagnostics

Point-of-care solutions: precision, ease of use and quality

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Pulse Oximeter

Non-invasive immediate measurement of arterial blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) and pulse rate. u●oxi and u●oxi smart are ideal tools to directly assess respiratory and cardiac status.

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Patient Monitoring

Multi parameter patient monitoring for professional use

- Spot check and continuous monitoring
- Audible and visible alarms; adjustable for use in continuous monitoring
- Compact and portable with built-in rechargeable battery

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Improvement of maternal health is of utmost importance in many countries and therefore also one of the UN millennium goals. With the u●toco fetal heart and labor activity monitor and the u●sono fetal doppler monitor, LOND offers two easy-to-use and affordable systems helping to improve maternal and fetal health.

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